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Police arrest Man and Baboon over N k robbery Photo An interesting drama played out in Lagos recently, after some criminals who were with two baboons waylaid a man as he was coming out from the bank at Ogba area of the state. The unsuspecting victim who withdrew the sum of N , from the bank was shocked when he stepped out only to see some roughly dressed young men with two giant-sized baboons starring at him menacingly. Without blinking an eyelid, the man took to his heels, abandoning his bag of money. Crime Guard gathered that the bandits used their baboons to scare the victim after driving close to the banking premises with an unregistered Nissan Primera. It was learnt that two of the suspects alighted from the vehicle with two baboons and ambushed the man as he was coming out of the banking hall after withdrawing the money from his account. The victim reportedly was frightened and dropped the nylon bag containing the cash on the ground and ran for dear life. On realising that the victim was coming after him, the suspect took some of the money from the bag and threw it at the victim who immediately bent down to pick the naira notes which littered the floor, a move the suspect capitalised on to escape into a waiting vehicle with his baboon. It was learnt that as soon as the suspect and his baboon got into the waiting vehicle, the driver zoomed off abandoning the baboon and his colleague identified as Mohamed Nafiu and at the crime scene. An angry mob that was attracted to the scene nearly lynched both Mohammed and the baboon but the fierce -looking baboon stood stoutly in defence of his master and succeeded in warding off intending attacks, till policemen who were earlier invited arrived the scene and apprehended the suspect.

Niyola on Banky W’s Engagement – ‘Even If Women Are Participating In It, It Benefits Men’

Davido fights with taxi driver over girlfriend Davido fights with taxi driver over girlfriend A taxi driver, Femi Ajibola, will never forget July 1, in a hurry. She called me to come and pick her and her friend. Later, I took them to a hotel at Lekki Phase I to meet one of their friends. They said that I should wait for them and promised to be back soon.

The movies have to have Van Vicker in it and when the killed him off in the second part i took the movie back. Could only do that once, so now i ahve to be careful. i love .

The Case of Aspartame The dangers of aspartame are known to few and it is gradually affecting the health of many. There are brands using this sweetener in their products, to replace sugar. Its side effects are actually worse than consuming sugar itself. Always read the labels on consumables. I had to make the painful but far safer decision to dump one of my favourite yoghurts when I saw it contains aspartame, and this particular brand is consumed by so many.

The products easily affected are those termed or called sugar-free soda, chewing gums, cereals, etc. Please take the time to read this to the end, you’ll be glad you did. It was discovered by accident in when James Schlatter, a chemist, was testing an anti-ulcer drug. What you don’t know WILL hurt you.

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Speaking on marriage plans, he said: I definitely have plans to get married to the mother of my child and as we speak, we are dating; we are in a relationship. I cannot say when I would get married because it is private information. The day I get married, no one would know.

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Mansir Yusuf, male who was dressed in a woman dress was arrested shortly after the blast on Wednesday. The military issued a statement accusing Yusuf of being behind the attack. The suspect’s mother, Zubeida Yusuf who lives in Mando, Kaduna said the military mistook her son for terror because he was found wearing female clothes. She said her son was under demonic attack which made him to act strangely and became fond of women’s dress.

Yusuf was wearing long robe and head cover and carrying a hand bag when he was arrested. He was severely beaten and stabbed with knife by a mob before he was picked up by soldiers. What is wrong with him is an evil spiritual attack which is making him to prefer women’s clothing and to act as one who is mentally retarded.

Everyone in Mando knows that he only has a spiritual condition that is making him to act strangely. He usually carries his bag. He has been taken to the Village Head several times and has been flogged in the hope to cast away the spirits, but the spirits have remained and have continued to torment him,” Zubeida told Daily Trust. According to her, they were at home on Wednesday when they heard of the bomb blast in Kawo and people were running there.

But he sneaked out, and as usual he carried his bag with woman clothes and mobile phones. Zubeida challeged the government and everyone to come to Aminu Kano Street in Mando and ask of Mansir Yusuf, saying “they all know him and know his spiritual challenges for years.


Now, it readily comes to the lips of couples when they face various challenges in marriage. Is divorce really the solution? Are there cases where divorce is the only option? It is better to not to marry than to marry and make a mess of marriage, because Marriage in itself is a Covenant. Your spiritual maturity has to do with the understanding of what marriage is, because Marriage is a covenant. In verse 14, God is saying you have dealt wrongly with the wife of your youth, wife of companion and wife of your covenant, meaning Marriage is a Covenant.

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Grapes should be part of your daily diet! Data so far indicate it is a debilitating medical condition affecting millions worldwide and is a leading cause of blindness in old age. The antioxidant actions of grapes are believed to be responsible for these protective effects. Published in the Free Radical Biology and Medicine, the study compared the impact of an antioxidant-rich diet on vision using mice prone to developing retinal damage in old age in much the same way as humans do.

The mice were divided into three groups while the first received a grape-enriched diet, the second a diet with added lutein while the last group were given a normal diet. The results showed grapes proved to offer dramatic protection as the grape-enriched diet protected against oxidative damage of the retina and prevented blindness in those mice consuming grapes. While lutein was also effective, grapes were found to offer significantly more protection. The study showed that adding grapes to the diet prevented blindness in mice by significantly decreasing the build-up of lipofuscin and preventing the oxidative damage to the RPE, thus ensuring optimal functioning of this critical part of the retina.

Besides the eyes, grapes have been discovered as a great source for maintaining good blood health, reduce the risk of hypertension, help with depression and improve immunity. This is because it contains very significant minerals such as Manganese and Potassium. Grapes are rich in antioxidants due to the presence of phytonutrients called polyphenols.

However, nutritionists also recommend them as snack fruits because they are choke full of essential vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B and Folate. It would interest you to know that this fruit type which have been discovered to be overlooked by many also help in the generation of nitric oxide in the body. This compound helps improve heart health by reducing blood clots, platelet aggregation and oxidation of LDL which causes plagues on the arteries.

Banky W Explains Why He Won’t Get Married Soon

We take no liability whatsoever on those comments. The FAB Night out , still delivered on my counts. On getting there, we knew immediately that it was going to be a very big night. If we are correct, this is probably the biggest FAB Night in the series ever. The venue, was so well decorated in black and white, it was like we were in a dream land in one of the Arabian night series.

Africa, with its long history, splendid culture, vast territory, rich products and a young population structure, make this distant land full of vitality and hope.

They are married secret lovers who were found dead inside a vehicle in the Ogba area of Lagos State on Sunday, October 29, The possible cause of their deaths is being awaited, as autopsy is being carried out on their corpses. The lovers before the unfortunate incident lived in the same compound in Sonola- Aguda area of Ogba, owned by Olayinka’s father who was also a close friend of Nnena’s husband. Lukman and his alleged mistress, said to be a married woman with kids, were believed to be engaging in sex when the sad incident occurred.

According to new information gathered, the lovers may not have died of voodoo or exhaustion as many have been peddling since the unholy discovery was made. A new finding, revealed that the faulty Air Conditioner in the car may have been the cause of the death of the alleged lovers. The main thing to watch out, we gathered, is the accumulation of carbon monoxide which can be caused by a leak from the exhaust.

Banky W speaks on his type of woman and Tiwa Savage’s failed marriage

Read excerpts from his interview: Starting small His appearance bellies his personality and generally gives the illusion of a young man with a history devoid of sweat. You see, we all dream dreams, but it is important to think very big and start where you are because God never gives you everything but gives you enough to start. At that time, I knew I wanted to do music, but of course I understood nobody starts by selling a million CDs or the big screen!

Menial jobs Indeed his tale solidifies his emphasis on little beginning because to achieve his dream of becoming a music superstar, Banky had to take up to three jobs while also in university!

Star actress, Ajao Eniola is pregnant for her sugardaddy on new movie set. The actress is better known with Odunlade Adekola on movie set as she’s either his wife or sister whenever they act together.

These emotion inducing story plots take hold of our hearts and allow us to see the beauty and tragedy of romance. Usually paired with a box of tissues and a big tub of popcorn, these movies are good to watch with your significant other or maybe even with someone whom you want to be a significant other to. So kick back, and reminisce with us as we venture through our 25 most romantic movies ever. Viewers will get to see how the most powerful man in the world falls into awkward situations just so that he can pursue his love.

Class and well thought out dialogues makes The American President a highly enjoyable romantic film. They hit it off right away which makes Henry believe that he finally met the girl of his dreams until he discovers that Lucy has short term memory loss and forgets him every day. This spawns a dedicated quest for Henry to somehow remind Lucy every day of the love they share. The entire film depicts what could have been if she missed the train going home and how this one event could have changed her life forever.

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