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Here we go, talk to ’em And I’ll be flowing, and going to go the distant place with nothing but shoes on me Ohh baby All night showing, just you in the crowd Doin’ tricks you never seen And I bet that I can make ya believe In love and sex and magic So let me drive my body around ya I bet you know what I mean Cause you know that I can make you believe In love and sex and magic This is the part where we fall in love Ohh, suga Let’s slow it down, so we fall in love Ohh But don’t stop when you give it to me Ciara And I bet that I can make ya believe In love and sex and magic So let me drive my body around ya I bet you know what I mean You know what I mean Cause you know that I can make you believe In love and sex and magic All night showing, just you in the crowd Doin’ tricks you never seen And I bet that I can make ya believe In love and sex and magic So let me drive my body around ya I bet you know what I mean You know what I mean Cause you know that I can make you believe In love and sex and magic Yeah I See you on the floor Get it girl.

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Last Thursday evening, I’m in this bar that I like to hang out at because it meets my needs. It’s got a loungy atmosphere, with a good DJ spinning a mellow but solid groove — the kind of place that appeals to women. As it happens, it’s full of them. I like this place. So I fall into conversation easily enough with a woman who, in all truth, was absolutely smokin’. A natural beauty who takes great care of herself and her wardrobe, is interesting, has a good sense of humor, and is fully engaged in the situation.

When a woman genuinely embraces having a relationship she is willing for an emotional attachment to occur. When she decides she is going to be a female player she already perceives emotional attachment as her enemy and wants no part of it. That’s why an emotionally detached woman .

I thought we everything was going ok. Gyllie would take my songs and re-write them. When they were my songs to begin with. She wants her 13 year old sister to play bass.. She wanted to change the name. We picked out a name A Wanted Division. Now The name I had thought of since before time. She wants Paper Towns..

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Cowboy Bebop fans zullen het verhaal waarschijnlijk wel herkennen. There was a cat who could live for a million years. He died a million times, and lived a million times. He was a great tiger-striped cat. A million people adored the cat, And a million people cried when that cat died.

Aug 07,  · Ironically, I have superior “Playerette” skills but I don’t utilize them in the above ways. In fact, I don’t use them on multiple men or to take advantage of anyone. I use those skills to benefit my relationships and make them work better, make them easier to be in and more enjoyable for both people.

I should point out that there is a key difference between situational players and playerettes while vacationing in Cancun, for example and long-term ones. Lots of people are more adventurous when on holiday. You’re in an escapist situation that you’ll soon be leaving, so there are no consequences to your reputation nor potential for clinginess.

As you’ve probably noticed, far fewer are those — especially among women — who’ve made conquest a pastime. That’s what makes her capable of being a playerette, in two ways: Second, she’s smart and deft enough to carry off being a playerette, which requires a combination of skills not just anybody has. The other necessary ingredient. She’s flirtatious and sexual. She’s a professional tease.

She seems to know just what to say to pique your interest while delivering only enough to keep you around. She has traits of a gold digger. Note that whereas the gold digger stays with one man and digs to the bottom of his pockets, a playerette plays more than one man at a time, nicely balancing what she gets with how much or little, actually she has to commit to get it.

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I should have been out making things happen and making gravy. Luckily My friend named Jason calls and he wants to make it up to me for the other day when my ex gf pounced on my ass and attacked me at his house. He asks me if I want to go to his mini party, its low key and his gf has some friends round.

Feb 25,  · Because in the “regular” dating world, women typically respond to what a male does. A true playerette does not base her moves off the mans’; she writes the rules to the game she plays. Commandment #1: Never make any specific man a consistent priority.

If you do like them let them form the emotional affection or attraction. When you mirror your enemies, doing exactly as they do, they cannot figure out your strategy. Play hard to get. Do not show any affection become a challenge Start off by showing a little interest – then back off and make her come to you. When she comes to you, show interest again, then back off.

And if she brings these kinds of questions up, change the subject keep backing off and make her keep coming to you. That’s the basic system to it, and it’s the same system that clever women have been using since the dawn of time to make guys fall for them. Remember that the next time she says she’s going to call and then she doesn’t.

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But I thought it may be useful on this topic “There is a place even more dreadful than the ‘JBF’ zone. Dreadful, yet oftentimes completely ignored as even a remote possibility by most men. And this, my brethren, is what makes this particular place even more insidious.

Mar 11,  · How to Be a Successful Female Player. Updated on June 20, Mistressoflove. more. Contact Author. have an expiration date. Don’t see a guy for more than three months! Longer than that, and you will develop feelings for him. Especially if he is super good at giving you what you want. I Think your right I have been a playerette since Reviews:

Cutting to the chase, I will be discussing the double standards that still exist in our society as I am typing this blog. The type of double standards I’m referring to is “Gender” type standards that divides in equality between a male and a female. The following below doesn’t represent anyone else views and opinions but my own and doesn’t necessarily represent the individual views of all people in society as a whole. A specific double standard between males and females is the sexual activity between both genders.

I like to refer to this standard as the “Player vs Whore Philosophy” because this is a standard that results from the same actions from both genders, but contains a variation of consequences ranging from positive to negative outcomes depending on one’s gender. For example, let’s say that Bob male has sexual relations with 10 women in the same night. In the room next to Bob; Mary female has sexual relations with 10 men in the same night. The outcome is the same pertaining to 1 person sleeping with 10 different people at the same time.

Generally speaking, the “word” gets out that Bob has slept with 10 different women at the same time and as a result; most people in society, especially other males, will look at Bob as a “God” or “Player” or a man of “game” or high-social status and will try to follow within Bob’s footsteps. Bob will even receive glances from some females because of his sexual relations to please 10 different women at the same time. Sad, but true in some instances. On the other hand, the “word” gets out that Mary has slept with 10 different men at the same time and her treatment is a little different.

Unlike Bob who’s being praised for his actions, Mary gets belittled and called a “slut” or “whore” or negative insults for committing the same actions that landed Bob a sanitary “praise” from his male and some female peers.

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Me Yuh I agree. The people who write shit like this mind boggles me…. Heartbreaker I think I am considered a female player. I like the fact that guys will chase me, want to impress me, and do things for me.

It’s like dating a character on Sex and the City. They’re full of funny stories, and they always have beautiful hair, beautiful nails, great clothes. They’re full of funny stories, and they always have beautiful hair, beautiful nails, great clothes.

It is the fault of both men and women. Whenever I see a woman posing on the cover of a magazine in a bikini, it makes me mad to see that these bimbos are the ones knocking down the little progress feminists have made in these last couple hundred years. Whenever we start to see some improvement on how women are seen in society, it crumbles right back down every time a girl decides to pose naked for a calendar. Men, also, are allowing this to happen. People before me have explained why so let me not waste my time and move on to the next reason.

The media are also contributing to degradation. Television, movies, magazines, photos, the internet– all of that. Women are portrayed as objects no matter where we go. At the Academy Awards, are women asked anything besides, “What are you wearing? There are so many other countless reasons as to why women are degraded and will be continued to be degraded for hundreds for years, but I don’t want to spend ten years answering this question.

Let me just point out some names to make me feel better. The names of those demolishing any progress feminists have made: Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, beauty pageant contestants I don’t care how smart any of them actually are, they are falsely telling the world that a women’s worth can be that equivalent to a crown and a sash , swimsuit models really, please tell me an argument that explains why women have to prance around in bikinis other than the reason that thirteen year olds need something to jerk off to , and so many more.

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Please note that this post is strictly, a joke per se, and should not be taken seriously. This some bit to liven the blog lol. Why are men such jerks? It’s a testosterone thing.

Dating a psycho is a surefire way to make your life a living hell. Even if the sex is good, it comes at a very high price. You’ll feel like you’re on a leash and won’t have enough space and freedom in your life.

Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites Are you a female player? How much game do you really have? Take this quiz and find out how much of a player you really are. This quiz is based on the book “How to be a Female Player: The Fundamentals”, written by Butta ‘Fly’ Jonez. Then, you meet a guy who expresses an interest in dating you. What do you do?

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Nov 09,  · How to Deal With a Player. In this Article: Managing Your Expectations Dating a Player Keeping Him Interested Community Q&A. It’s not easy to deal with a player%().

So here are some signs to consider when trying to avoid falling victim to a female player: Plenty of women have a lot of male friends simply because they feel men are easier to deal with. You may express your concern but she will simply shoot it down and make you seem like you are being unreasonable. A Female Player is Very Flirtatious Female players know that one key to manipulating men is flirtation. So her desire to constantly flirt is something you may want to keep your eye on.

Yes some people enjoy flirting but be mindful when there may be more to it than that. She may take a smooth indirect approach or a very direct one. Either way she will get the point across and you will have to decide if you are willing to give her what she wants. If you choose not to she is likely to get very upset with you.

This may be done in a loud and harsh manner or she may use the silent but still strong approach. She will have you feeling that giving in to her demands is the only way you can expect to keep her around. She may not even be your girlfriend yet but she knows how to play on your desires to get her and she will use all of this to her advantage. A Female Player is Emotionally Detached When a woman genuinely embraces having a relationship she is willing for an emotional attachment to occur.

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