Park Slope vs. Windsor Terrace: Which neighborhood is for you?

Development[ edit ] The area that today comprises the neighborhood of Park Slope was first inhabited by the Native Americans of the Lenape people. The Dutch colonized the area by the 17th century and farmed the region for more than years. In this battle, over 10, British soldiers and Hessian mercenaries routed outnumbered American forces. The historic site of Battle Pass is now preserved in Prospect Park, and on Fifth Avenue there is a reconstruction of the stone farmhouse where a countercharge covered the American retreat. In the s, a local lawyer and railroad developer named Edwin Clarke Litchfield — purchased large tracts of what was then farmland. Through the American Civil War era, he sold off much of his land to residential developers. During the s, the City of Brooklyn purchased his estate and adjoining property to complete the West Drive and the southern portion of the Long Meadow in Prospect Park. By the late s, with horse-drawn rail cars running to the park and the ferry, bringing many rich New Yorkers in the process, urban sprawl dramatically changed the neighborhood into a streetcar suburb. Many of the large Victorian mansions on Prospect Park West, known as the Gold Coast, were built in the s and s to take advantage of the beautiful park views. Today, many of these buildings are preserved within the block Park Slope Historic District, one of New York’s largest landmarked neighborhoods.

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A wonderful little French-Italian bistro. The Absolute Best 1. Taormina does right by the classics, too: Though the most interesting part about the space is that it was, for years, the studio of unjustly obscure artist Leo J. Banks, the corner front is light and airy during the day and cozy at night. Al Seabu Fifth Ave. Crab whisperers, the chefs wok-fry the crustacean with black pepper, or deep-fry it and coat it in cereal to make it sweet and crunchy, or cook it with prawn sauce with garlic and chiles for a Malay preparation called Golden Fragrant.

The other champion here is the sticky rice, wrapped in a banana leaf and flavored with coconut, a taste of Petaling Street on Fifth Avenue. Opened in , it was, at the time, a weird delicious canary for gentrification to come. The menu is seasonal, regional, and ambitious. Old favorites like a bittersweet malfatti, made with Swiss chard and bathed in a brown-butter-and-sage sauce, and casunzei, a sort of see-through raviolo from Verona here made with beets and poppy seeds, rotate with daily specials like morel-and-ramp risotto and, for now is the season, fried soft-shell crabs.

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Autumn New York In , I moved with my husband and our two young children into a partly renovated brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Among the old-timers was our neighbor Peggy Lehane. By the time we arrived, her boarders were elderly men and women on government assistance. We could hear the 3 AM moaning of these sad creatures and smell the contents of their bedpans, which they sometimes tossed into the patch of grass in back.

Like the neighborhood, the house was transitional. More than once, and much to the wonderment of my children, ambulances arrived to remove a white-sheet-covered body.

The view from West Terrace park shows the West Bottoms, downtown Kansas City, Kansas, and the confluence of the Kaw and Missouri River.

A look inside the mind of co-creator Desiree Akhavan. By Emelina Minero Co-creators Desiree Akhavan and Ingrid Jungermann even say it. Can those words even co-exist? The answer is yes. The Slope makes gross generalizations, simplifying hot button topics in the most politically incorrect way and they do it intentionally to make a point. Every episode will invoke your inner feminist, making you want to engage in a heated debate about gender identity, sexual diversity and the bigotry within the LGBT community.

The dialogue is witty, intelligent and comical. Watching The Slope is a combination of watching great art and comedy, mixed with trashy reality television. Akhavan plays Desiree, a lively something bisexual with a superficial streak, which resembles that of the dimmer side of reality TV. Jungermann plays Ingrid, a something dyke who’s close to fitting the committed, stay-at-home, lesbian deathbed stereotype. In our conversation with Akhavan she told us how her experiences with dating Ingrid, living in Park Slope and being a young queer woman in Brooklyn influenced the creation of The Slope.

What about Park Slope fosters the Park Slope lesbian stereotypes that you portray on your show? I think a lot of big cities in America have this kind of place.

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Earlier in the day, we were sitting in a dingy law office, signing a towering stack of legal documents, before handing over a very, very big check. I felt a little dizzy when the lawyer gave us the keys. We were the proud owners of a square-foot, one-bedroom apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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The list is in alphabetical order. There are no repeats from last year. There are many serious omissions. Send names for next year. Yesterday News 12 Brooklyn came out and interviewed a few people on the list. Some of the people on the list don’t even know they’re on it.

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Portions of the content on this web page were adapted from a copy of the original nomination document. Description The Park Slope Historic District[1] contains approximately thirty-three blocks which are almost exclusively residential, with pleasant, tree-lined streets and wide avenues containing houses of generally low height, accentuated by church spires rising above them. The overall character and development of the Park Slope Historic District was determined by its prime location adjacent to Prospect Park.

However, it is the long blockfronts of two- and three-story rowhouses set behind deep front yards, with their architectural coherence, rather than the numerous remarkable examples of fine townhouses, which give the Park Slope Historic District its unusually harmonious character.

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These three districts are together the prominent topographical precincts of old brownstone Brooklyn: Despite its proximity to the park, the area was slow to develop. By the first stage of the park had been constructed, yet the Slope lay quiet and tranquil, bypassed by thousands of persons making their way on the Flatbush Avenue horsecars to this newly created recreation area.

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Park Slope Historic District

Park Slope Park Slope While technically not a part of historical “South Brooklyn”, Park Slope is a large and diverse family neighborhood that is close enough we felt it should be included. With several unique features including the Quaker Cemetery that contains the grave of actor Montgomery Clift, a carousel created from two Coney Island carousels designed by Charles Carmel dating from the ‘s one of only 12 Carmel carousels remaining , and the Prospect Park Wildlife Conservation Center, the park is one of Brooklyn’s greatest outdoor playgrounds.

Duncan, architect of Grant’s Tomb. Sherman laid the monument’s cornerstone in Completed in , the Arch is 80 feet high and 80 feet wide. It has an aperture 50 feet high and a span of 35 feet.

Nov 08,  · From the parking lot area to the caves is a moderate to steep incline in elevation. About a five minute walk. The path up to the caves proper, are improved concrete sidewalks amenable to the use of .

Zhang collapsed unconscious at the top of the slope and later died Image: AsiaWire Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A school is under investigation after a student collapsed and died following a ‘punishment’ for talking during nap time.

The schoolboy, named only as Zhang, and a classmate were ordered to do frog jumps up a 65ft sloped drive after being caught chatting during the scheduled afternoon nap time, it is claimed. Zhang collapsed unconscious at the top of the slope after completing the punishment at a boarding school in Xinshao County in south-eastern China’s Hunan Province. He was taken to hospital where doctors found blood in his mouth, ears and nose and pronounced him dead. The students were ordered to frog-jump up this slope Image: AsiaWire Read More Family ‘left in state of paranoia’ after daughter, 2, finds bag of ‘coke’ in Thorpe Park caravan The school’s principal, named as Xie, and three other teachers at Xinshao No 2 Middle School are now under investigation.

Police have already ruled the teachers have no criminal case to answer as they had not made physical contact with the boy. But local authorities are concerned the punishment led to his death and have launched their own misconduct inquiry.

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