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Artist biographies Symphonies and concertos are among genres which follow apparently unalterable models, where themes and keys form a musical architecture based on strict rules. That this does not have to be the case is shown in this concert with Berliner Philharmoniker and Sir Simon Rattle. The programme includes works which in a partly playful and partly innovative manner, push the limits of the traditional forms: As a conductor, you try to take charge of it, but then suddenly you find it has taken you unawares yet again. For audiences too, it is both a witty and uncommonly intelligent experience to enter this maze. When a theme or the musical structure disintegrates, when idyllic scenes descend crashing into catastrophe, Schubert mercilessly reflects the fragility of human life. The soloist and dedicatee of this work is Stefan Dohr, solo horn player with the Berliner Philharmoniker since Towards the Light Compositions by Haydn, Hosokawa and Schubert When, in January , the year-old Joseph Haydn arrived in London to take part in subscription concerts organized by the German violinist and impresario Johann Peter Salomon, he was confronted with an unprecedented challenge:

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Owing to its function as a river crossing, Jena was conveniently located. Nevertheless, there were also some more important Saale crossings like the nearby cities of Naumburg to the north and Saalfeld to the south, so that the relevance of Jena was more local during the Middle Ages. The first unequivocal mention of Jena was in an document. In the 13th century, the Lords of Lobdeburg founded two towns in the valley: The city got a marketplace, main church, town hall, council and city walls during the late 13th and early 14th centuries making it into a fully fledged town.

In this time, the city’s economy was based mainly on wine production on the warm and sunny hillsides of the Saale valley. The two monasteries of the Dominicans and the Cistercians rounded out Jena’s medieval appearance. As the political circumstances in Thuringia changed in the middle of the 14th century, the weakened Lords of Lobdeburg sold Jena to the aspiring Wettins in Jena obtained the Gotha municipal law and the citizens strengthened their rights and wealth during the 14th and 15th centuries.

Moreover, the Wettins were more interested in their residence in the nearby city of Weimar , and so Jena could develop itself relatively autonomously.

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Videos provided by Youtube are under the copyright of their owners. This list contains brief abstracts about monuments, holiday activities, national parcs, museums, organisations and more from the area as well as interesting facts about the region itself. Where available, you’ll find the corresponding homepage. Otherwise the related wikipedia article. Franconia The term of Franconia is today commonly used to refer to the eastern part of the historic Duchy of Franconia in Germany.

It surrounds but does not include the town of Bamberg.

Located on the River Ruhr, its population of approximately , makes it the 9th largest city in Germany.. Founded around and historically linked to the centuries old Krupp family iron works, Essen was one of Germany’s most important coal and steel centres until the s and attracted workers from all over the country; it was the 5th largest city in Germany between and , peaking at over , inhabitants in The city has since developed a strong tertiary sector of the economy, so it is sometimes called ” desk of the Ruhr area “.

Essen is home to 13 of the largest German corporations and seat to several of the region’s authorities.. In , the city was chosen to serve as the seat to a Roman Catholic diocese. In early , the universities of Essen and the nearby city of Duisburg were merged into the University of Duisburg Essen with campuses in both cities and a university hospital in Essen.. It is also famous for its Bauhaus architecture.. Known for the exhibits covering the history of photography as well as paintings from all eras..

Red Dot Design Museum. Krupp family historical chateau, art history museum and concert venue..

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The cathedral was the perfect backdrop for the dynasty’s great religious events. The Habsburgs tried for centuries to control and exploit the cathedral. From Franz Joseph’s famous funeral procession to the Maximilian double wedding, right back to the founding of the cathedral by Rudolf der Stifter the Founder , a single unifying purpose can be discerned: St Stephen’s, which was actually the citizens’ church and belonged to itself, was destined to become the setting for the divine right of the Habsburgs.

Snapshots in Time Zaatari is the third biggest refugee camp in the world. Only 10 kilometres away from the civil war. In this situation it is almost impossible to process and come to terms with the traumas caused by war and the flight. However, in this documentary we meet people who still try to overcome their traumas. So Much About Digital Future bearers of hope for the one, social disaster for others: The debate over digitalization is polarizing. Wolves still hunt in the arid flatlands, tigers slink through the diminishing forests, elephants tread hereditary trails as pythons lie in wait and panthers stalk their prey: Kipling created a ‘Law of the Jungle’which all animals must obey, or die.

That law prevails today.

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Travels with my back: Here, in August , I suspect my travelling days are numbered as age is not so much creeping up on me as shoving its unwelcome presence in my face. Or, more accurately, into my spine. For 10 years my love of travel has struggled against my ailing frame.

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It was autogenerated using the content and geolocations of the Wikipedia articles named in full in each paragraph, as well as the biography articles of the subjects of any statues mentioned. The story takes a route passing through the ten most Wikipedia-documented metropolitan areas. Passepartout asked me if it was Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice in , but I did not know. Passepartout remarked that it didn’t become the Chancellor’s official residence until We admired the larger living area.

It functioned well as the Prime Minister’s press office.

Vortrag Bettina Wagner Bergelt We are proud, to host Bettina Wagner-Bergelt within our program “what you always wanted to know about dance”. Bettina visited the school in October and spoake about a ballet directors work and 30 years of introducing contemporary dance into a traditional ballet company like the Bayersisches Staatsballett. May, 12th at Jessica Iwanson — a lifetime of dance — Iwanson studios — free entrance Jessica Iwanson was almost born in her mother’s dance studio in Stockholm.

She started to dance immediately — and she never stopped. Follow the presentation of her life as a dancer, a choreographer and as a teacher of dance. Jessica will talk about the early days of the school, about her choreographic work, about her time as a ballet director in Sweden and Norway, about the “making of” her dance movie ‘Nightbirds’ — and about the school of today.

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