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D Do specific brands of briar pipes provide correspondingly specific flavors? Does a Dunhill pipe, a Charatan, or a Chonowitsch, have a unique taste that separates that brand from all other briar pipes? Does an expensive brand, such as Castello, provide a superior level of smoking experience that is unattainable by more pedestrian brands such as Chacom or Stanwell? There are many pipe smokers and collectors who firmly believe that the answer to these questions is yes. Others only partially subscribe. I refer to the above beliefs as part of the “brand myth” in pipe smoking. The point of this article is that brand is largely based on illusion and I hope to expose both the nature and origin of that illusion.

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Posted on 10 September, by Marcus Like the sensory memories of many a boy, mine started at the heels of my father. No dubbin-soaked football, nor linseed-oiled cricket bat for me. My father was an artist, so linseed oil featured in the smell-library of memory but, combined with oil paint and turpentine and, walking at waist height alongside, the overriding aroma was the smell of damp Harris Tweed jacket and a pocket full of pipe.

Exterior pocket left, however, was solely devoted to pipe smoking. Serviceable pipes, separated from their classier counterparts by a small sand-pit or a less than perfect grain. Once, I found a sprung lid to place on the bowl for windy conditions.

Sort of comoy pipes in the pipe history can find posts about tobacco is a creation of comoy society. Pipes made before comoy pipes in may have been 70 to between w. Sort of pipes is stuffed and his dating a ball canning jars by its logo.

I’ve been a pipe smoker since I did not undertake this particular review until I had smoked an entire tin of Westminster, 17 bowls in 15 different pipes. Personally, I will never review any tobacco that I haven’t smoked at least that much; I believe that this is the only way to learn enough about a tobacco to be able to form a relatively informed opinion.

In general, it takes time to get to know a new tobacco. It takes time to find the right pipe in your collection to bring out the best in a tobacco, and it takes time to learn the optimal smoking cadence for a new tobacco. And to make things even more unpredictable, some pipes and tobaccos perform best under certain climactic conditions. I bought several tins of Westminster when it was first released. I was anxious to try them.

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Subject: Help Dating Some Old Comoys and GBDs Tue Dec 19, pm I recently picked up two pairs of old pipes: a Comoy Monogram, a Comoy Golden Matt, a GBD Conquest New Standard, and another GBD without a model name (but an F on the underside of the shank).

The cut away is of a meerschaum lined bowl A more comprehensive history is available in the publication in May of “Back from the Ashes” a book by Kathy Worth, grand-daughter of George Hunt, owner of Falcon for many years. The book is highly recommended to all Falcon enthusiasts, a very readable book, not just a liturgy of facts and dates. It is a very comprehensive history of Falcon during the George Hunt years, now released also as an ebook available from Amazon Amazon USA will take you there.

Amazon UK will take you there. He bases the system on the principle that causes rain to drop from a cloud when it is met by cool air. To achieve this result, Mr Bugg uses aluminium for its lightness and, more importantly, for its quick dispersal of heat. In this manner coolness is obtained. Perfect hygiene is assured by unscrewing the bowl and cleaning the base with a tissue. First sales of the Falcon pipe in the U.

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Bessai was born on June 7, in Radautz, a town in what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire it now has a different name and is part of Romania ; he died in Ohio on January 7, His parents were Peter Bessai and Eudokia Scobai. I believe he came to the U. Anna arrived in America about , was naturalized in , and married her first husband, Edwin Truthan, in Ohio on February 18, She and John Bessai married on October 16, , and shortly thereafter had two children together: Records show John listed as a pipe repairer almost from the moment he arrived in Cleveland, strongly suggesting that he had prior training in the old country.

Royal Comoy’s — ‘s H. Comoy & Co., Ltd. Dating from information in Derek Green’s “A History Of Comoy’s and A Guide Toward Dating the Pipes” Comoy’s dating guide Comoy’s Pipe Dating: Danish Pipe Guide to Pipe Shapes: 12 Sep A HISTORY OF COMOY’S AND A GUIDE TOWARD DATING THE PIPES, By Derek Green This article was published in the.

Fullerton, California, Ships to: I make it my goal to have the nicest estate pipes on Ebay Great Estate Pipes will sell your pipes on consignment! Contact me for details! It has a beautiful mix of birdseye and cross grain, that looks as good as it promises to smoke! The original stem is pristine, and the silver has both the HC cartouch and the hallmarks dating it to All markings are very readable.

I take pride in the condition of my pipes, as I know you will when you smoke them.

H. Upmann Cigars

Dating History Dating comoy pipes, blue riband The stem has the three-piece C. The “Made in Ireland” block format came in either one line or two lines. This mark is an Arabian numeral,located between the scales of a balance beam and in Peterson’s case may or may not have the Hibernia and Harp marks to either side. John Loring was kind enough to send me some information on a verified cased set of “Prima” grade pipes, showing “COMOY’S” in upper-case, serif type, with “C” larger than the rest.

Much of this article is extracted from something I had originally posted on ASP. However, the Peterson pipes we have and have seen with silver dates of and generally do not have this fourth mark.

Extraordinare was a designation for pipes that were made to standard Comoy shapes, but were somewhat larger in one respect or another. For instance, a typical Extraordinare is a Canadian with a longer than usual shank.

The introduction of and different ways that the inlaid C was formed on the stem; The name of the pipe and when these names were introduced and or discontinued. It should also be remembered that, as the stamps used for stamping pipes got worn, new ones would have been ordered and used alongside the old ones and there could therefore be overlapping of different style. If the pipe has a silver band If the band has the following three marks it is made of silver.

There is always the possibility that the silver bands may have been ordered in by the factory in batches and therefore could have been used up over several months and be a year out of date by the time they were applied to the pipe. It can als have been attached afterwords as a repair to fix a crack etc. This is a list with examples of hallmarked pipes to illustrate the different nomenclature to be found: There is no C on the mouthpiece.

This is similar to the tail found on early Sasieni pipes. There is no embossed C on the stem, nor any name or shape number. There is no C inlaid on the stem. These stamps are an oval rugby-ball shape rather than a round football.

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The fee includes a buffet style lunch and attendance to a pipe seminar featuring author Richard Carlton Hacker, Danish pipe maker Erik Nording, and Michael Adler, Cadogan. Retailers will receive credit notification from JBR for all purchases made by consumers who registered them as their sponsor; retailers need not be in attendance at the show to receive the credit.

Last year, JBR displayed over 8, pipes and hundreds of cigars, cases, and tobaccos, utilizing all four grand ballrooms at the Marriot. In addition, Nording will conduct pipe carving demonstrations, turning briar blocks into finished masterpieces.

A Summary to Help Date a Comoy’s Pipe. Unlike Dunhill, who stamped a different number for each year of manufacture on all their pipes, we are not so fortunate with Comoy. Dating the Comoy pipe therefore is .

History “The challenge of a Dunhill history is to separate myth and legend from the history. This however, may be impossible. The story of Alfred Dunhill is so tied up with myth that the myths are now part of the history. Alfred Dunhill, being aware of this phenomenon, probably perpetuated many of such myths. Alfred Dunhill inherited a harness business in at the age of In , the first pipes and tobacco shop opened on Duke St.

The shop soon came to be known for its customized blends. Alfred Dunhill however, was unsatisfied with the current quality of available pipes. The pipes coming in from France were highly varnished and consequently clogged the pores of the briar. They were simply not doing justice to his creative blending. Alfred opened a small factory of his own in He set down two principles that would guide the production of Dunhill Pipes.

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